Saint Vincent de Paul had very strong links with the Villecien parish where he preached many times. Due to his strong relationship with Isabelle du Feÿ, who was one of his main benefactors, he came to the Château du Feÿ on multiple occasion and had major impact on the Château and its community.

Although the Château was a place of strong spirituality, it was also a haven for various types of pleasures. The Chevalier d’Aguesseau and Ninon de Lenclos, great luth musician but also well versed in the art of courtisanship, were hosted several times in the Château To celebrate those two illustrious figures of XVIIth century France, their portraits where painted on the walls of the library.

Albeit contrasting, both Saint Vincent de Paul and Ninon de l’Enclos embody the atmosphere of the Château du Feÿ, deeply rooted in culture, in spirituality and in pleasures.