As time went by, the Château remained the property of illustrious aristocratic French families. Although most of them spent part of their year in Paris, the Château remained a place to invite, to celebrate but also to focus on oneself and one's family life.

In 1823, the baron Marie Jean-François Meynard de la Farge purchased the Château. Rear admiral for the French Navy, his letters, written while in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, show his love and longing for the Château du Feÿ. One of his descendants, François Meynard de la Farge married at the Château in 1884 Pierre Dominique, Viscount d'Indy.

The d'Indy family is especially noted for one of its members, Vincent d'Indy, a prominent classical composer. It has placed its heraldic shield on the front of the house : an armed silver lion, with a golden crown.