Nestled in a 103 acres of a thickly wooded estate, Chateau du Feÿ is one of France’s Historical Monuments.

Located in the heart of the Bourgogne region, the Chateau du Feÿ was built in the 17th century, atop hilltop terrace plunging into the Yonne Valley. From its perch, the Chateau has a majestic view of the valley dotted with 7 villages. Villecien, an adorable hamlet of 450 inhabitants is only a couple minutes from Joigny, an architectural jewel of 10,000 residents with bountiful markets and delectable wines... All of the villages are charming gastronomical havens.  

Illustrious past guests who have graced the halls of the Chateau include Ninon de Lenclos et St Vincent de Paul. The interior of the Chateau is decorated with ancient and of era furnishings, an intricate collage of the different epoques that have shaped the festive and artistic life of the Chateau.