The Yonne valley, a culinary heaven

Around the Yonne Valley can one find restaurants of  all types, ranging from the exclusive La Côte Saint Jacques to traditional French restaurants of high quality.  

Mille feuille - Cote Saint Jacques ® Jerome Mondiere.jpg

La Côte Saint Jacques 

This renowned 2 star restaurants comes with a prestigious spa. Long a symbol of Burgund cooking, the Côte Saint Jacques attracts tourist from all over the world. 

Le Côte Saint-Jacques is the epitome of high quality French cooking. 

Bons Enfants.jpg

Les Bons Enfants

To get a taste of French terroir cuisine, the Michelin cited  Les Bons Enfants is a great choice. 

Close to Joigny, in the nearby Saint Julien du Sault, this restaurant will give you a taste French authenticity.