Cuisine material

The Château provides cuisine courses on a regular basis, with renowned chefs, in a prestigious setting. 

One room of the cuisine 

One room of the cuisine 

Professional Château Cuisine

The Château's cuisine is built according to the standards of excellence that made the Château a landmark of French cuisine. 

With its state of the art freezer and fridge, as well as with all the necessary equipment to suit a wide variety of international cooking styles, it offers all the amenities you might need to perfect your art. 

The Château walls, reflecting the lights, bathe the entire kitchen in its authentic and traditional hue. 

Side view of the garden

Side view of the garden

A vegetable garden

As fresh food is requisite for quality gastronomy, the Château has its own vegetable garden, in which one can find various fresh ... ranging from spices to carrots. 

The Château has several varieties of lettuces to suit different types of cooking. 

The garden aims at connecting the Château to the soil without which all cooking would be tasteless and vain.