Cooking in Burgundy 

Although Burgundy is mainly known for its wine, we could consider this to be the flip side of its strong culinary culture. As wine and food cannot be separated, Burgundy has been the home of both incredible recipes and interesting cooking tools. 

The Lacanche

The history of the Lacanche village, is deeply tied to the metal industry since the Late Middle Ages. At the time, a foundry was built to use the iron ore as well as the water that were both found in great quantity in the area. 

A smelter working for the Duke of Burgundy decided to build, in the XVth century, a foundry at the place known as "La Canche".In 1763, Jean-Baptiste Richard de Curtil, owner of the land, built a bloomery in the area. 

A few years after the French Revolution, Jacques-Etienne Caumartin extended the activities of the forges and the development of the site with new investments in order to heighten the quality as well as the output of the iron ore.  Ferdinand Coste and his descendants will afterwards contribute to the industrial expansion in the XIXth and XXth century. 

Il is on this original site that are today conceived and built the famous “Gastronomical Pianos"

One of Lacanche's renowned gastronomical pianos. 

One of Lacanche's renowned gastronomical pianos.